Jennifer Mcgee Interior Design

Jennifer McGee creates environments for gracious yet comfortable living .Her interiors are classically based,but infused with a modern flare.Jennifer’s roots began in Chicago and then took her to New York where she started her career in the fashion industry. During this time she travelled extensively designing product in Europe and Asia. It was a natural transition she made from the world of fashion to the world of interiors.The firms projects have included a townhouse in London, a home on the peak in Hong Kong, a duplex penthouse in New York, a home in Los Angeles for a young family .Currently she is working on several projects in New York and New Jersey.In addition to this year’s 2011 Hampton Designer Show house , Jennifer was also invited to participate in this year’s American Fashion: Designers at the Aldyn in New York and the Saddle River Designer Show house,


Her work had been featured in 
Traditional Home,
Town and Country, New York Spaces , Southern Accents ,Metropolitan HomeVictoria, and 201 magazines.
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